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February 23 2017

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June 25 2015

A ja mówię - pani Jadziu, bardzo proszę, niech pani nie umiera z miłości. Przecież ja i tak nie potrafię tego opisać. 
— H. Krall
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June 04 2015

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Schleissheim Palace in Munich, Germany

Photos by Allie_Caulfield on Flickr

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“Reverie”, detail 1891. Charles Chaplin

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May 29 2015

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May 27 2015

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May 26 2015

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April 13 2015

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April 11 2015

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April 06 2015

Na dnie każdej miłości czai się nienawiść.
— "Sztuka kochania" Michalina Wisłocka
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“Mother Holly” by Barbara C. Freeman
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March 31 2015

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March 26 2015

March 18 2015

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Enchanting Lily Cole by Miles Aldridge
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